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Security Aspects

                  Security followed in our School for our students is as follows:-


                       62 Cameras 10 Cameras on Each floor

                  2 in each Classroom, Labs, Library, Science Lab

                  4 Cameras in the Corridors covering every nook of corner, ground and hall – covered with CCTV Camera including                      playground, entry exit, compound.

                  Recording last for 2 months

                  Building – Ground + 3 Floors


                  Biometric System of attendance in School.

                  Arrival and Departure of every student to/from School is maintained.

                  Every parent receives SMS when the child leaves the School or enters School.

NACTUS APP:  An app via SMS is followed to keep the parent upgraded of the events in the School.

COMPOUND WALL: Marked brick wall with fence all around the School.

ENTRANCE: Two Entrances with a Security Personnel. Gates Kept Locked
                  No Parent or guardian or Staff allowed without a Valid id Card
                  Register maintained for arrival & departure of every visitor

STAFF:       Only female Staff Employed-Teaching and non-teaching Staff Compulsory Id Card is worn.

WASHROOMS:Separate washrooms for boys and girls
                     Staff outside every washroom
                     Separate washroom for staff
                     Separate washroom for security Personnel outside the School building

FIRE EXIT: Separate Fire exit
                 Regular fire drills, Safety drills( for Earthquake , first aid conducted)
                 Signage of fire exit on every floor
                 Fire alarm system with fire equipment’s
                 Staff trained by fire brigade personnel for the use of fire equipment

CLINIC:   Clinic with all equipments like First aid, oxygen machine, stretcher, Wheel chair

              Doctor on call
              Hospital next to door
              Qualified Nurse (Full time)

BUS: No Bus Facility Provided by School

MISCELLANEOUS : Terrace door always locked
                            Grilled windows in every Class
                            Separate CCTV To new Terrace Entrance
                            Instructions of Good touch, bad touch given. Reg
ular session held for the same.